The Joy of Toilet Training Two Kids at Once!

First of all, toilet training should be considered an Olympic sport. And toilet training two toddlers at once should automatically guarantee you a medal of some kind. As for me, I would win a gold. Scratch that. I would win TWO golds!

Especially because my youngest was also teething at the same time!! Thankfully, these teething remedies helped me with that one.

The key to toilet training is small victories. Toilet training is like a ladder. Each rung leads you closer and closer to the apex – the win – the no diaper zone! The first step, we’ll call it RUNG #1, begins with introducing your child to the toilet. This usually happens well before you ever think about training your toddler to actually use the toilet. I have two kids both still in the toilet training phase, so I’ve been doing this step for a couple of years now. It seems weird, but take your kid to the toilet with you when you go. And explain the process. I know it sounds odd and slightly uncomfortable but you’ll get used to it. This is the easy part!

RUNG #2 follows up on RUNG #1 with some actual action – again, well before your child is ready to train. The second step involves “pretend” pottying. Tell them they can pretend just like mommy and daddy until they’re big enough. This sets a goal for them for a later date. They will want to reach that goal. My 3 and a half year old daughter has been dilly-dallying around on RUNG #2 for a year before finally getting serious about actually moving toward big-girl underwear. What made her step it up? Her little brother, of course! Hot on her heels at only two years old, Jackson’s unique boy-obsession with bodily functions has made Jessica bear down on her goal. This is the beauty in training two kids at once. Competition.

RUNG #3 on the toilet training ladder is the hard part. Getting them to try to actually “go” on command. Again, this is your chance to involve both kids. Whenever one says they need to go, I bring them both in the bathroom. If they object and want privacy, I always oblige but make sure to explain what’s happening to the non-pottying child. I actually got creative and made them a potty chart. They each had a turtle that climbed the chart every time they successfully “went potty” and the winner got a special treat. This may or may not work for your little ones because some children are a little bit awkward when it comes to being open about their bodily functions, but it worked wonders with mine!

I always thought of toilet training like crawling and walking. There’s a point when your child just seems to “get it.” Something clicks in their little brains and they understand the benefit and the process. So, if you’re little ones are slacking off a bit, don’t worry. They all figure it out eventually. It just takes time. If you’re training two at once, it takes a LOT of time. I read a lot about toilet training, so get prepared! Patience also gets you far with toilet training. And while training, remember ALWAYS have backup clothing and emergency pull-ups with you at all times. Saving your kids from embarrassment will help the process go much smoother. My son still gets clammed up a bit about going #2, so I try to downplay all accidents. Trust me. It’s much better in the end. Pun intended.


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