Baby Products I Couldn’t Live Without

Having three kids, every time I venture into Babies-R-Us, I feel like I’m in Santa’s workshop. I could wander around for hours… if I didn’t actually have three kids. There are so many new products out today that didn’t even exist when I had my first child, who is only 3 ½! There are far too many amazing products to mention, so I will have to give you my short list of 4 Can’t Live Without items.

#1: The Lansinoh Baby Bottle.

Lansinoh, you say? The breastfeeding pad people? Yes. Best bottle ever.

Here’s where I have to bear my scandalous soul a bit. I breastfed all my kids. Still have one going now. My first daughter was exclusively breastfed for the first three months of her life. No bottle in sight. Sounds great right? Not if you like wine. And I like wine. At three months, I thought, hey I’ll pump and just give her a bottle so I can get out of the house and have a glass or three of my favorite Cab.

She had other plans. We left her with my parents who vowed to never babysit her again until she was willing to take a bottle because apparently, she was having no part of it. Like any mom, I thought, no biggie, I’ll just get a different bottle. So, I did. Six different bottles to be exact. I even ordered one off of the internet for $20 that my doctor recommended. Success? Nope. I had all but given up.

I was actually at Babies-R-Us in the breastfeeding aisle looking for… (whisper) alcohol detecting strips for breastmilk. Yes, there is such a thing, and I was actually going to buy them. But, alas, they were out. Insert sad face here. Apparently they’re not such a secret. Lucky I wont have to do that again. My sad eyes drifted down and landed on the weirdest looking bottle I had ever seen. It resembled the Tommee Tippee, but the nipple was completely different. It swooped instead of puffed. Weird. I thought, what the heck, I guess I’ll try one more. And YES!! YES!! YES!! She loved it!

I became the neighborhood spokeswoman for the Lansinoh bottle. It became a staple in my baby basket for the rest of my kids and I will forever cherish it. It saved my sanity.

#2: The Baby Bullet Turbo Steamer.

I love to make my own baby food. I’m not a fan of pre-made baby food. It tastes weird. I used my steamer until the little happy face on the cover completely rubbed off. The Baby Bullet Steamer was perfect. It’s small, so you only cook a little at a time. And it cooks super-fast! It even comes with recipes!

I would throw apples and carrots in there at the same time and eight minutes later, I had a great little meal for my baby. And I knew exactly what was in it. The whole Baby Bullet series is actually fantastic. They have storage cups and a blender. I just put the baby’s food on whenever I was making our meals, so it was no big deal. You can actually get a couple of servings out of one steam, so I would store one serving each time I cooked, so I would never run out. And it helped so much when transitioning to regular food because my kids were already used to the taste of real food, not icky baby food taste. Yuck.

#3: The Single Wheel Stroller.

The what? You must have a stroller with a single wheel in the front. Don’t question, just get one. They are exponentially easier to maneuver, ESPECIALLY when you have more than one child. They are also a great option for traveling with kids (which I always encourage). Baby Trend makes a jogger stroller (I’m not a jogger for the record) that rocks! I had a top of the line Eddie Bauer six-wheel stroller with my first daughter and I continuously ran over people’s feet whenever I was in a crowd. It was so annoying. The single wheel in front allows you to turn on a dime, without injuring anyone. Victory!

When flying, however, a travel stroller can’t be beat. I used this guide to find the best travel stroller.

#4: Humidifier.

You MUST have a humidifier. And there are so many cute ones now! They make them without filters so you don’t have to worry about moldy filter air blowing in your child’s face. I actually stole my daughter’s original humidifier for my room. It’s a frog. I love frogs. And it’s brilliant for my skin. She got a new one when her little brother came along, a dragon, so she didn’t miss her frog. Every time the kids have a cough, or sniffles, or anything wrong, I turn that little dragon on and, like magic, they wake up so much better! I love it.


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