Traveling To India With Kids

We’ve been exploring the possibility of going to another country with our kids for a while. When families like ours are working out where to visit, India probably isn’t something that comes immediately to mind. At least, it isn’t for me. That was until my friends, Jan and Tim, recently took their kids to India and came back with rave reviews.

They talked about the wonders of the Taj Mahal, the fun of staying on a river boat in Kerala and splashing at the beach in Goa.

I decided to ask them some questions about traveling in India with kids so you can learn from their experiences. If you’ve been wondering whether or not you should go to India with kids this article may be helpful for you too!

Why did you decide to visit India with kids?

Our oldest kid actually asked us to! She has Indian friends and it made her very curious about the culture. Plus, she had seen photos of the Taj Mahal which made her extra keen.

Where are the best places to visit in India with kids?

Definitely Goa topped our list. The beaches are superb and it’s much more relaxed than many other parts of India. We had so much fun exploring, trying the food and splashing in the ocean. I really don’t know why more people don’t go there.

We also loved visiting Kerala and staying on a riverboat. It really did feel like we had got away from it all and it was so easy to just be and spend quality family time together.

Although, honestly, every place we went to in India is great. It’s definitely not a destination to be afraid of.

What’s the hardest part about traveling in India?

It’s definitely just how many people seem to be around just about all the time especially in the places we went to in Northern India. Everywhere was so busy and hot that just walking around could get tiring and I was a bit paranoid that we could lose our youngest kid. I definitely recommend sprinkling in some destinations like Goa which are much easier places to travel.

What are your top tips for families travelling to India?

Seriously just relax! It will be fine. It’s not as challenging as people make it sound.

Secondly, be well prepared. Know where you are going next and have an idea of how to get there and how much it should cost. Dealing with rickshaw and taxi drivers can be annoying if you don’t know what to pay for the journey and struggle to stand your ground.

Is there anyone you wouldn’t recommend visit India?

I think it might be a hard destination if you haven’t traveled much before. Maybe try visiting South East Asia first.

What was your favorite part of visiting India?

The quality time we had together as a family. It really felt like the trip of a lifetime and nothing beats all that time together doing cool and amazing things. I have no doubt that we will all remember it forever!

I’m convinced! I hope you found that useful and you are ready to set off on your own Indian adventure with kids now!

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