My Two Year-Old’s Favorite Toys

My 2 year-old, Jackson, is a boy, packed with boy, surrounded by boy, drenched in boy. He loves all things boy. And does all things boy. He is the polar opposite of my little mini-me girly girl Jessica. He has Star Wars sheets and a poster of Darth Maul over his bed. If you’re a Star Wars fan, you understand staring down a freakish red-faced, horn-headed Sith lord in the middle of the night. Jackson’s list of favorite toys is long, but definitely well-organized. I guess I am to blame because sometimes when I step in to Babies R Us I get more excited than the kids. And like me, he’s a fan of the plastic drawer set on wheels. It’s my small exception to the one toy-box rule because, well, I love plastic drawers! And boy toys are sometimes microscopic, so keeping them in the right place cuts down on vacuum cleaner accidents.

So, the top drawer consists of Legos. All moms know Legos. All moms have screamed out in excruciating pain pulling a Lego out of their foot with a pair of tweezers. But I am a master Lego builder, myself, so I take my lumps. Lego-ville is where Jackson and I are simpatico. We can sit for hours building everything from planes to cities.

Jackson’s love of Star Wars rolls over into his toy collection as well. The second drawer holds his Star Wars action figures. He’s old school. He’s got Han, Luke, Leia (not Slave Leia – he’s only 2!). But he’s also new wave. He has Darth Maul (of course), Jar Jar, and Princess Amidala. And, he’s Futuristic. He has Kylo Ren, Rey, and Finn. You might say he’s as well-rounded as the Death Star. Ba dom bom.

The third drawer is home to, well, Home. That’s what he calls “Oh” the main character in the movie Home. Home is his favorite movie after Star Wars. If you’re a parent to a toddler, get this movie. The main character is voiced by Sheldon from “Big Bang Theory!” He’s brilliant! Anyway, back to Jackson. He loves Home. He has little tiny Home, Home with Pig the Cat, plush Home, and Captain Smek! It’s really a great kid movie, not to mention its all-star cast parents will love. When you have three kids, you learn to love cartoons like you used to love Cocktail.

Finally, his bottom drawer is filled to the brim with, what else, CARS, TRUCKS, AND TRAINS! Did I mention he’s a boy, packed with boy, surrounded by boy, drenched in boy? Well, he is. He’s got every type of miniature vehicle ever invented. He’s got race cars, little Scooby-Doo vans, the Joker-mobile, a Sponge-Bob truck, and every Thomas the Train engine. We won’t even discuss the numerous miles of track hidden in the bottom of the toy-box.

Needless to say, Jackson has his fill of commercial, tactile, and mechanical toys. All these small toys are great for his motor coordination and imagination. Making sure both your kids’ brains and muscles get a work out is all-important in their toy selection. And I’m pretty sure Jackson is being well-taken care of in both aspects. But he’s just there for the toys.


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