Learning How To Blog

If there is something I have wanted to do for quite awhile now, it’s become a blogger.

I get interested for a little while and will work on this site, start dreaming big and getting ready to really get serious.

But then something happens to suck my time and enthusiasm and I forget about it for awhile.

Then I get interested again… wash and repeat!

This time, I really want to change these bad habits and get serious!

I have been reading up on how to use Pinterest, how to do SEO and how to do Twitter chats (among other things). It’s all very technical and can be quite overwhelming but then I also love learning all these new things.

I am determined I will master them! And I also plan to publish updates on this blog about it to keep me motivated, track my progress and, hopefully, to help others who feel the same.

Goals For This Quarter

My goals for this quarter are to:

  • Set up social media accounts for my blog in similar branding and to encourage people who land on the site to follow me
  • Master keyword research and start writing to keywords. One article per week that is long and thorough and covers all SEO bases

I have just bought KeySearch after reading this review and I’m hoping that will help me master it. In fact, finding Sharon’s site has been great as it has so many useful tutorials around SEO. I am going to master it soon! Neil Patel has also been useful.

I am trying to approach things three months at a time as hopefully that is long enough to give me time to hit some decent goals without creating stress.

Even though I have had this blog for years, I feel like I am starting at the beginning. Barely anyone reads this blog. However, that’s because I have never really learned any strategies or put that much effort in. I am using the fact that others have had success in blogging to prove I can too. As I can!

I will report back in three months with new goals and an update on how I am going.


About Jasmine

I'm Jasmine, mum of three gorgeous babies. I love sharing my experience of parenthood.

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