Kitchen Appliances That I Love

Being a mom has made me learn to love my kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of our home. We spend hours every day in the kitchen or around the kitchen table. So, I have worked over the last few years to make it perfect. Kitchen tools excite me, so I research all I can, including all the safety information and reviews. When attempting any job, including being a mom, working with the proper tools makes the biggest difference. I have a few “tools” in my kitchen that I could not live without.

Tool #1: My air fryer. My absolute number 1 go to kitchen appliance is my air fryer. I often wonder how I lived without it for so long. This little machine can cook things in half the time an oven would, and it doesn’t coat food in oil like a deep fryer.

Tool #2: My crock-pot. It’s self-explanatory really. You can put food in it and leave it for hours; then, voila, you have a meal! I use my crock-pot at least twice a week. I do beef roast with potatoes, carrots, and onions; my famous crock-pot tacos with shredded chicken; 15-bean soup (awesome!) with tomatoes, onions, and ham; and more. My crock-pot is a necessity.

Tool #3: My freezer. I have a family of five. My freezer is my friend. It’s always stocked with chicken, pizza dough, veggies, fish, cookie dough, ice cream, etc. Going to the store with three kids is no easy feat, so I’m a stocker. We will be so prepared if we’re ever trapped in our home for weeks!

Tool #4: My grill. I know, most moms probably wouldn’t put their bbq on their list of favorite appliances, but I think it’s because they underestimate its worth. My oven pooped out on me a few months ago and instead of replacing it or calling a handyman immediately, I decided to use my grill instead. Money flows out of a household of five rather quickly as it is, so resourcefulness is always appreciated. I found one of my favorite items on the planet during this process: a grill basket. Toss some veggies (broccoli, Brussels, green beans), garlic and onion in oil, pop them in the grill basket and bbq them. You’ll be amazed at the bright fun flavor and you will rarely overcook them this way. They always come out crisp! Try it and welcome your grill into your Favorite Appliances Ever club.

Tool #5: My juicer. If you have kids, you hear the word “JUICE!” bellowed out a hundred times a day. And what do we know about juice? It’s full of the demon, SUGAR. So, guess what? Do it yourself! Did you know that you can make your child drink ANY kind of juice you make by adding one single ingredient? I’m talking about making your kids drink carrot, beet, ginger, kale, anything juice. What’s the secret? Apple. Just apple. Add one apple to any juice combination you want your kids to drink and they will love it. Apples add just the right amount of sweetness so they think they’re getting something naughty. But they’re not – score one for mom!


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I'm Jasmine, mum of three gorgeous babies. I love sharing my experience of parenthood.

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