Keeping the Kids Occupied

I am the first to admit that even at the best of times keeping the kids occupied is difficult. They always want 100% and most of the time I can only handle 50%. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to give my kids all my energy all the time – but I simply haven’t got enough!

I have read everything on how to keep kids occupied. I like this article of best school games even though my kids aren’t quite that age yet. It’s never simple to keep kids occupied. I mean, sure, you could give them a pen and paper, but I don’t want my carpet to be drawn on. I am also noticing as the kids get older, the older methods no longer work.

Here are a few of my strategies to keep the kids occupied.

1. Always have games ready to play

Kids love games, we all know this. I’ve been looking for games for the kids to play for a while, and actually found a karaoke machines for kids and decided to take the plunge and buy one. This has actually been a great investment. The kids love it can it can literally keep them occupied for hours.

2. Kids love learning – help them learn

It’s not just games that kids love but they also love learning activities (at least while they are still young) and there are so many easy learning activities out there that the kids can do.

One that I like to do with my oldest is trying to get her to read out words or at least make the sounds. We can do this as I do other tasks around the home with a book or activities like these sight word downloadables you can get here.

3. Have a trampoline

A trampoline can be a miracle on days when you can’t get to the park or the kids just aren’t being active enough. It’s an easy and safe way to keep them occupied and even works when they are quite young if you buy one where you can zip them in. There are some great options for the best trampolines here.

4. Let them help you cook

Letting the kids help you cook is one of the most exciting things you can do with your kids. Kids love pretending that they’re adults and enjoy doing the same things that Mom and Dad do. You can read more about cooking with kids here. It is messy, it is noisy, but it is fun!

5. Have a certain day where you take them to the park

All parents are familiar with the regret that accompanies bringing their child to the park. It may be fun for them, but when it’s time to leave the tears will flow and the tantrums will begin. This can be solved!

Have a special day once a week where you will visit the park and let them know that this is their time. Kids need routine and it can also be a way to give them confidence that they will be going back to the park again. But you must stick to your word!

This probably wont stop all tears when you leave but it can greatly reduce them.

6. Share them with their grandparents

Now I am not condoning offloading the kids to someone else, but grandparents often want to spend the most time with kids and kids definitely love spending time with them too. It also gives you a chance to do those much needed chores like cleaning the house.

When my kids see their grandparents they spend the entire time being spoiled. This is made even more fun when their cousins come over and join in. This can be a lot of effort for the grandparents so plan a big event so everyone can get together and help, and give the adults some time together.

How do you keep your kids occupied?


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